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12 Bible Verses about Riding Donkeys

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 21:7

When he sees chariots, each man with a pair of horses, riders on donkeys or riders on camels, let him pay attention, full attention."

Numbers 22:30

But in response, the donkey asked Balaam, "I'm your donkey that you've ridden on in the past without incident, am I not, and I'm the same donkey you're riding on right now, am I not? Am I in the habit of treating you like this?" "No," he admitted.

1 Samuel 25:20

She was riding on the donkey and as she went down a protected part of the mountain, David was there with his men, coming down to meet her, and she went toward them.

1 Samuel 25:42

Then Abigail quickly got up and got on a donkey, with five young women walking behind her. She followed David's messengers, and she became his wife.

2 Samuel 16:2

The king asked Ziba, "What are those for?" Ziba replied, "The donkeys are for the king's household to ride, the bread and summer fruit are for your young men to eat, and the wine is for whoever wants to drink if they get weary in the wilderness."

John 12:15

"Stop being afraid, people of Zion. Look, your king is coming, sitting upon a donkey's colt!"

Matthew 21:7

They brought the donkey and the colt and put their coats on them, and he sat upon them.

Luke 19:35

Then they brought the colt to Jesus and put their coats on it, and Jesus sat upon it.

John 12:14

Then Jesus found a young donkey and sat upon it, as it is written:

Mark 11:7

They brought the colt to Jesus, threw their coats on it, and he sat on it.

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