Seeking Life

Most Relevant Verses

Amos 5:14

Seek good and not evil
so that you may live,
and the Lord, the God of Hosts,
will be with you,
as you have claimed.

Amos 5:4

For the Lord says to the house of Israel:Seek Me and live!

Amos 5:6

Seek Yahweh and live,
or He will spread like fire
throughout the house of Joseph;
it will consume everything,
with no one at Bethel to extinguish it.

Deuteronomy 33:6

Let Reuben live and not die
though his people become few.

Esther 7:3

Queen Esther answered, “If I have obtained your approval, my king, and if the king is pleased, spare my life—this is my request; and spare my people—this is my desire.

Job 2:4

“Skin for skin!” Satan answered the Lord. “A man will give up everything he owns in exchange for his life.

Esther 7:7

Angered by this, the king arose from where they were drinking wine and went to the palace garden. Haman remained to beg Queen Esther for his life because he realized the king was planning something terrible for him.

1 Samuel 20:14

If I continue to live, treat me with the Lord’s faithful love, but if I die,

Matthew 19:16

Just then someone came up and asked Him, “Teacher, what good must I do to have eternal life?”

Luke 10:25

Just then an expert in the law stood up to test Him, saying, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Mark 10:17

As He was setting out on a journey, a man ran up, knelt down before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Luke 18:18

A ruler asked Him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

1 Timothy 6:19

storing up for themselves a good reserve for the age to come, so that they may take hold of life that is real.

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