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10 Bible Verses about Sitting In Dejection

Most Relevant Verses

Lamentations 1:17

Zion spreads out her hands; no one is there to comfort her. The LORD has issued an order against Jacob, that all who are around him are to be his enemies; Jerusalem has become unclean among them.

Nehemiah 8:10

He also told them, "Go eat the best food, drink the best wine, and give something to those who have nothing, since this day is holy to our Lord. Don't be sorrowful, because the joy of the LORD is your strength."

Isaiah 47:1

"Come down and sit in the dust, Virgin Daughter of Babylon. Sit on the ground without a chair, Daughter of the Chaldeans! For no longer will they call you tender and attractive.

Isaiah 3:26

and her gates lament and mourn. Ravaged, she will sit on the ground."

Lamentations 3:28

He is to sit apart and remain silent, because the LORD has laid it upon him.

Ezekiel 26:16

That's when all the kings of the seafaring nations will abandon their thrones, strip off their fancy clothes, and collapse trembling on the ground. They'll be so frightened as they observe what has happened to you that they'll be unable to stop trembling. They will be utterly appalled at you!

Lamentations 2:10

The leaders of cherished Zion sit silently on the ground; they throw dust on their heads and dress in mourning clothes. The young women of Jerusalem bow their heads in sorrow.

John 11:20

As soon as Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went and met him, while Mary stayed at home.

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