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17 Bible Verses about People Being Silent

Most Relevant Verses

Job 29:22

After I spoke, they had nothing to say, when what I said hit them.

Job 32:15

"Job's friends won't reason with him anymore; discouraged, words escape them.

Job 32:16

Shall I continue to wait, since they're no longer talking? After all, they're only standing there; they're no longer responding.

Job 31:34

Have I feared large crowds? Has my family's contempt ever terrified me so that I remained silent and wouldn't go outside?"

Proverbs 24:7

Wisdom lies beyond reach of the fool; he has nothing to say in court.

Job 16:6

"But if I speak, my pain isn't assuaged; if I refrain from speaking, what do I have to lose?"

Psalm 65:1

In Zion, God, praise silently awaits you, and vows will be paid to you.

Psalm 62:1

My soul rests quietly only when it looks to God; from him comes my deliverance.

Lamentations 3:28

He is to sit apart and remain silent, because the LORD has laid it upon him.

Ecclesiastes 5:7

In spite of many daydreams, pointless actions, and empty words, it is more important to fear God.

Psalm 107:42

The upright see it and rejoice, but the mouth of an evil person is shut.

Micah 7:16

The nations will look on and will be ashamed in spite of all their power; they will cup their hands over their mouths, and their ears will be deaf.

Esther 7:4

Indeed, I and my people have been sold to be annihilated, killed, and destroyed. If we had just been sold as male and female slaves, I would have kept quiet, because the trouble wouldn't have been sufficient to bother the king."

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