13 Bible Verses about Strength Of Animals

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 30:41

And it hath come to pass whenever the strong ones of the flock conceive, that Jacob set the rods before the eyes of the flock in the gutters, to cause them to conceive by the rods,

Genesis 30:42

and when the flock is feeble, he doth not set them; and the feeble ones have been Laban's, and the strong ones Jacob's.

Judges 14:14

And he saith to them: 'Out of the eater came forth meat, And out of the strong came forth sweetness;' and they were not able to declare the riddle in three days.

Judges 14:18

And the men of the city say to him on the seventh day, before the sun goeth in: -- 'What is sweeter than honey? And what stronger than a lion?' And he saith to them: 'Unless ye had ploughed with my heifer, Ye had not found out my riddle.'

Job 39:19

Dost thou give to the horse might? Dost thou clothe his neck with a mane?

Job 39:21

They dig in a valley, and he rejoiceth in power, He goeth forth to meet the armour.

Job 39:11

Dost thou trust in him because great is his power? And dost thou leave unto him thy labour?

Job 40:16

Lo, I pray thee, his power is in his loins, And his strength in the muscles of his belly.

Job 41:12

I do not keep silent concerning his parts, And the matter of might, And the grace of his arrangement.

Job 41:22

In his neck lodge doth strength, And before him doth grief exult.

Daniel 7:7

After this I was seeing in the visions of the night, and lo, a fourth beast, terrible and fearful, and exceedingly strong; and it hath iron teeth very great, it hath consumed, yea, it doth break small, and the remnant with its feet it hath trampled; and it is diverse from all the beasts that are before it; and it hath ten horns.

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