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40 Bible Verses about Work Ethic

Most Relevant Verses

Job 34:14

If He doth set on him His heart, His spirit and his breath unto Him He gathereth.

Titus 3:8

Stedfast is the word; and concerning these things I counsel thee to affirm fully, that they may be thoughtful, to be leading in good works -- who have believed God; these are the good and profitable things to men,

Ecclesiastes 8:12

Though a sinner is doing evil a hundred times, and prolonging himself for it, surely also I know that there is good to those fearing God, who fear before Him.

Job 34:29

And He giveth rest, and who maketh wrong? And hideth the face, and who beholdeth it? And in reference to a nation and to a man, It is the same.

Exodus 36:6

And Moses commandeth, and they cause a voice to pass over through the camp, saying, 'Let not man or woman make any more work for the heave-offering of the sanctuary;' and the people are restrained from bringing,

Matthew 5:1

And having seen the multitudes, he went up to the mount, and he having sat down, his disciples came to him,

Titus 1:3

(and He manifested in proper times His word,) in preaching, which I was entrusted with, according to a charge of God our Saviour,

Acts 5:39

and if it be of God, ye are not able to overthrow it, lest perhaps also ye be found fighting against God.'

Job 39:19

Dost thou give to the horse might? Dost thou clothe his neck with a mane?

Job 34:15

Expire doth all flesh together, And man to dust returneth.

Job 34:17

Yea, doth one hating justice govern? Or the Most Just dost thou condemn?

Micah 7:11

The day to build thy walls! That day -- removed is the limit.

Job 35:5

Behold attentively the heavens -- and see, And behold the clouds, They have been higher than thou.

Acts 5:13

and of the rest no one was daring to join himself to them, but the people were magnifying them,

Job 34:31

For unto God hath any said: 'I have taken away, I do not corruptly,

Job 34:11

For the work of man he repayeth to him, And according to the path of each He doth cause him to find.

Acts 5:33

And they having heard, were cut to the heart, and were taking counsel to slay them,

Job 34:10

Therefore, O men of heart, hearken to me; Far be it from God to do wickedness, And from the Mighty to do perverseness:

Titus 3:6

which He poured upon us richly, through Jesus Christ our Saviour,

Job 34:12

Yea, truly, God doth not do wickedly, And the Mighty doth not pervert judgment.

Acts 5:38

and now I say to you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone, because if this counsel or this work may be of men, it will be overthrown,

Acts 5:12

And through the hands of the apostles came many signs and wonders among the people, and they were with one accord all in the porch of Solomon;

Job 26:8

Binding up the waters in His thick clouds, And the cloud is not rent under them.

Job 26:12

By His power He hath quieted the sea, And by His understanding smitten the proud.

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