Time Passing

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 144:4

Humankind is like a breath, his days like a passing shadow.

Job 8:9

for we [are of] yesterday, and we do not know, for our days on earth [are] a shadow.

Job 14:2

Like a flower he comes up, and he withers away; and he flees like a shadow, but he does not last.

Psalm 39:11

[When] with rebukes you chastise a man for sin, you {consume} like a moth his delightful [things]. Surely everyone [is] a [mere] vapor. Selah

Psalm 109:23

Like a lengthening shadow I am passing away; I am shaken off like a locust.

Psalm 89:47

Remember what my lifespan [is]. [Remember] for what vanity you have created all [the] children of humankind.

Psalm 39:5-6

Look, you have made my days [mere] handbreadths, and my lifespan as nothing next to you. Surely every person standing firm [is] complete vanity. Selah Surely a man walks about as a [mere] {shadow}; surely in vain they bustle about. He heaps up [possessions] but does not know who [will] gather them [in].

Ecclesiastes 12:8

"Vanity of vanity!" says the Teacher. "Everything [is] vanity!"

Ecclesiastes 8:13

But it will not go well with the wicked, and they will not prolong [their] days, like the shadow; because there is no fearing {God's presence}.

Ecclesiastes 1:14

I saw all the works that are done under the sun. Look! Everything [is] vanity and chasing wind.

Ecclesiastes 1:2

"Vanity of vanities!" says the Teacher, "Vanity of vanities! All [is] vanity!"

Psalm 103:15-16

As for man, his days [are] like the grass. As the flower of the field, so he blossoms. When [the] wind passes over it, it is no more, and its place knows it no longer.

1 Kings 18:29

It happened as noon passed, they raged until the [time of] the evening offering, but there was no voice, there was no answer, and no [one] paid attention.

2 Kings 21:6

He made his son pass through the fire, practiced soothsaying and divination, and dealt with mediums and spiritists. He increased the doing of evil in the eyes of Yahweh to provoke him.

Acts 27:9

And [because] considerable time had passed and the voyage was now dangerous because even the Fast was already over, Paul strongly recommended,

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