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Theasaurus: Twilight

16 Bible Verses about Twilight

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 7:9

in the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night;

Job 3:9

Let the stars of its dawn be darkened; they waited for light, but have none; neither let them see the dawning of the day;

Exodus 12:6

and ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month, and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it between the two evenings.

Leviticus 23:5

On the fourteenth of the first month between the two evenings is the LORD's passover.

Numbers 9:3

In the fourteenth day of this month, between the two evenings, ye shall keep it in its appointed season; according to all its ordinance and according to all the laws thereof, shall ye keep it.

Numbers 9:5

And they kept the passover on the fourteenth day of the first month between the two evenings in the wilderness of Sinai; according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so did the sons of Israel.

Numbers 9:11

The fourteenth day of the second month, between the two evenings they shall keep it, and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

Exodus 16:12

I have heard the murmurings of the sons of Israel; speak unto them, saying, Between the two evenings ye shall eat flesh, and tomorrow ye shall be filled with bread; and ye shall know that I am the LORD your God.

Exodus 29:39

The one lamb thou shalt offer in the morning, and the other lamb thou shalt offer at evening.

Exodus 29:41

And thou shalt offer the other lamb at evening, doing according to the present of the morning and according to its drink offering thereof, for a sweet savour, an offering on fire unto the LORD.

Numbers 28:4

The one lamb shalt thou offer in the morning, and the other lamb shalt thou offer between the two evenings,

Numbers 28:8

And the other lamb shalt thou offer between the two evenings; according to the offering of the morning and according to the drink offering thereof, thou shalt offer it, an offering on fire, of an acceptable savour unto the LORD.

Exodus 30:8

And when Aaron lights the lamps at evening, he shall burn incense upon it continually before the LORD throughout your ages.

Isaiah 59:10

We grope for the wall like the blind, and as if we had no eyes we walk by touch; we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in graves as dead men.

Isaiah 21:4

My heart panted; the horror frightened me; the night of my pleasure he has turned into fear unto me.