Unnamed People Angry With Others

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 119:53

Burning indignation, terror, and sadness seize upon me because of the wicked, who forsake Your law.

Psalm 124:3

Then they would have quickly swallowed us up alive when their wrath was kindled against us;

Proverbs 6:34

For jealousy makes [the wronged] man furious; therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance [upon the detected one].

Proverbs 25:23

The north wind brings forth rain; so does a backbiting tongue bring forth an angry countenance.

Proverbs 27:3

Stone is heavy and sand weighty, but a fool's [unreasoning] wrath is heavier and more intolerable than both of them.

Hosea 7:6

For they have made ready their heart, and their mind burns [with intrigue] like an oven while they lie in wait. Their anger smolders all night; in the morning it blazes forth as a flaming fire.

Mark 14:4

But there were some who were moved with indignation and said to themselves, To what purpose was the ointment ( perfume) thus wasted?

Song of Solomon 1:6

[Please] do not look at me, [she said, for] I am swarthy. [I have worked out] in the sun and it has left its mark upon me. My stepbrothers were angry with me, and they made me keeper of the vineyards; but my own vineyard [my complexion] I have not kept.

Matthew 20:24

But when the ten [other disciples] heard this, they were indignant at the two brothers.

Mark 10:41

And when the other ten [apostles] heard it, they began to be indignant with James and John.

Acts 7:54

Now upon hearing these things, they [the Jews] were cut to the heart and infuriated, and they ground their teeth against [Stephen].

Luke 15:28

But [the elder brother] was angry [with deep-seated wrath] and resolved not to go in. Then his father came out and began to plead with him,

Job 40:11

Pour forth the overflowings of your anger, and look on everyone who is proud and abase him;

Isaiah 41:11

Behold, all they who are enraged and inflamed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.

1 Samuel 29:4

And the Philistine princes were angry with Achish and they said to him, Make this fellow return, that he may go again to his place where you have assigned him, and let him not go down with us to battle, lest in the battle he become an adversary to us. For how could David reconcile himself to his master? Would it not be with the heads of the men here?

Daniel 8:6

And he came to the ram that had the two horns which I had seen standing on the bank of the river and ran at him in the heat of his power.

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