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'Fatherless' in the Bible

and my anger will burn and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives will be widows and your children will be fatherless.

Yes, you would gamble for the fatherless, and auction off your friend.

You have taken notice, for you always see one who inflicts pain and suffering. The unfortunate victim entrusts his cause to you; you deliver the fatherless.

You defend the fatherless and oppressed, so that mere mortals may no longer terrorize them.

They kill the widow and the one residing outside his native land, and they murder the fatherless.

May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow!

May no one show him kindness! May no one have compassion on his fatherless children!

That is how they have grown fat and sleek. There is no limit to the evil things they do. They do not plead the cause of the fatherless in such a way as to win it. They do not defend the rights of the poor.

We have become fatherless orphans; our mothers have become widows.

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