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'Outgoing' in the Bible

and the Feast of Harvest, the first fruits of thy works which thou sowest in the field; and the Feast of the In-Gathering, in the outgoing of the year, in thy gathering thy works out of the field.

And if her husband doth certainly break them in the day of his hearing, none of the outgoing of her lips concerning her vows, or concerning the bond of her soul, is established -- her husband hath broken them -- and Jehovah is propitious to her.

And the outgoing of the horses that king Solomon hath is from Egypt, and from Keveh; merchants of the king take from Keveh at a price;

Our oxen are carrying, there is no breach, And there is no outgoing, And there is no crying in our broad places.

At the outgoing of his word, the ice is turned to water; when he sends out his wind, there is a flowing of waters.

Now they tremble, is it not the day of thy fall? Troubled have been the isles that are in the sea, at thine outgoing.

With the outgoing of thy remnants from the seas, Thou hast filled many peoples, With the abundance of thy riches, and thy merchandise, Thou hast made rich things of earth.

who having appeared in glory, spake of his outgoing that he was about to fulfil in Jerusalem,

by faith, Joseph dying, concerning the outgoing of the sons of Israel did make mention, and concerning his bones did give command.

and I will be diligent that also at every time ye have, after my outgoing, power to make to yourselves the remembrance of these things.

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Root Form
מצא מוצא 
Usage: 27

תּצאה תּוצאה 
Usage: 23

go before , go farther , go forward , outgo , pass on
Usage: 9

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