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'Stick' in the Bible

When the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord, she crouched down under Balaam. So he became furious and beat the donkey with his stick.

Then the man of God asked, “Where did it fall?”When he showed him the place, the man of God cut a stick, threw it there, and made the iron float.

His flesh wastes away to nothing,and his unseen bones stick out.

when the dust hardens like cast metaland the clods of dirt stick together?

May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouthif I do not remember you,if I do not exalt Jerusalem as my greatest joy!

A proverb in the mouth of a foolis like a stick with thorns,brandished by the hand of a drunkard.

Certainly black cumin is not threshedwith a threshing board,and a cart wheel is not rolled over the cumin.But black cumin is beaten out with a stick,and cumin with a rod.

I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, and you will be mute and unable to rebuke them, for they are a rebellious house.

“Son of man, take a single stick and write on it: Belonging to Judah and the Israelites associated with him. Then take another stick and write on it: Belonging to Joseph—the stick of Ephraim—and all the house of Israel associated with him.

Then join them together into a single stick so that they become one in your hand.

tell them: This is what the Lord God says: I am going to take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel associated with him, and put them together with the stick of Judah. I will make them into a single stick so that they become one in My hand.

I overthrew some of youas I overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah,and you were like a burning sticksnatched from a fire,yet you did not return to Me—this is the Lord’s declaration.

The Lord said to Satan: “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! May the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Isn’t this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?”

He instructed them to take nothing for the road except a walking stick: no bread, no traveling bag, no money in their belts.

“Take nothing for the road,” He told them, “no walking stick, no traveling bag, no bread, no money; and don’t take an extra shirt.

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