1 An elderly man, do not thou reprimand, but beseech him, as though he were thy father, - younger men, as brothers, 2 Elderly women, as mothers, younger women, as sisters, in all chastity.
3 Widows, honour thou - who indeed are widows: - 4 Howbeit, if, any widow, hath, children or grandchildren, let them be learning - first, unto their own house, to be shewing reverence, and, returns, to be making unto their progenitors; for, this, is acceptable before God; 5 But, she who is indeed a widow, and is left alone, hath turned her hope towards God, and is giving attendance unto the supplications and the prayers, night and day, - 6 Whereas, she that runneth riot, while living, is, dead: 7 And, these things, be giving in charge, that, without reproach, they may be; 8 If, however, anyone, for his own, and specially them of his household, taketh not forethought, his faith, hath he denied, and is worse, than one without faith!
9 Let, a widow, be put on the list - having become, not less than sixty years old, one man's, wife, 10 In noble works, being well-attested; - if she hath nourished children, if she hath shewn hospitality, if, saints feet, she hath washed, if, them who were in tribulation, she hath succoured, if, in every good, work she hath followed on: 11 But, younger widows, decline thou; for, as soon as they wax wanton against the Christ, to marry, are they determined, - 12 Having, as sentence, - that, their first faith, they have set at nought; 13 At the same time, to be idlers, are they learning, going about from house to house; and, not only idlers, but, gossips, also, and, busybodies, - saying the things they ought not, 14 I am minded, therefore, that, the younger ones, marry, bear children, be mistress of the house, - giving, no single occasion, unto the opposer, as a cause, of reviling; 15 For, already, some have turned aside after Satan: 16 If any, believing woman, hath widows, let her be giving them succour, and not suffer the assembly to be burdened, - that, them who are indeed widows, it may itself succour.
17 Let, the well presiding elders, of double honour, be accounted worthy, especially they who toil in discourse and teaching; 18 For the scripture saith - A threshing ox, shalt thou not muzzle, and - Worthy, is the workman, of his hire.
19 Against an elder, entertain not, an accusation, except at, the mouth of two, or three, witnesses; 20 But, them who are sinning, before all, do thou reprove, that, the rest also, may have, fear: - 21 I adjure thee, before God, and Christ Jesus, and the chosen messengers, that, these things, thou observe, apart from prejudgment, doing, nothing, by partiality. 22 Hands, suddenly, upon no one, lay, neither have fellowship with sins of strangers: thyself, keep, chaste: - 23 No longer, be a water-drinker, but, of a little wine, make use, because of thy stomach and thy, frequent, sicknesses. 24 Some men's sins, are, openly evident, leading on into judgment, with some, however, they even follow after; 25 In the same way, the noble works also, are openly evident, - and, they that are otherwise, cannot be hid.