1 And Jehovah will send Nathan to David. And he will come in to him and say to him, Two men were in one city.; one rich and one poor. 2 To the rich was sheep and oxen exceeding many: 3 And to the poor, not anything except one little ewe lamb which he found, and he will save it alive: and it will grow with him and with his sons together; it will eat from his morsel and will drink from his cup, and will lie in his bosom, and be to him as a daughter. 4 And a traveler will come to the rich man, and he will spare to take from his sheep and from his oxen to do for the wayfarer coming to him; and he will take the poor man's ewe lamb and do for the man coming to him.
5 And David's anger will kindle against the man greatly, and he will say to Nathan, Jehovah lives, for the man doing this is the son of death. 6 And the ewe lamb he shall requite four-fold, because he did this word, and because he spared not
7 And Nathan will say to David, Thou the man. Thus said Jehovah the God of Israel, I anointed thee for king over Israel, and I delivered thee from the hand of Saul; 8 And I will give thee the house of thy lord and thy lord's wives into thy bosom, and I will give to thee the house of Israel and Judah; and if little, I will add to thee according to these and according to these. 9 Wherefore didst thou despise the word of Jehovah to do evil in his eyes? Uriah the Hittite thou didst strike with the sword, and his wife thou tookest to thee for a wife, and thou didst kill him with the sword of the sons of Ammon. 10 And now the sword shall not depart from thy house even to forever; because that thou didst despise me, and thou wilt take the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be to thee for wife.
11 Thus said Jehovah, Behold me raising up evil against thee from thy house, and I took thy wives before thine eyes and gave to thy neighbor, and he lay with thy wives before the eyes of this sun. 12 For thou didst in secret: and I will do this word before all Israel, and before the sun.
13 And David will say to Nathan, I sinned against Jehovah. And Nathan will say to David, Jehovah also passed over thy sin; thou shalt not die. 14 Only that despising, thou didst cause the enemies of Jehovah to despise by this thing, also the son born to thee, dying, shall die. 15 And Nathan will go to his house. And Jehovah will strike the child which Uriah's wife bare to David and he will be sick. 16 And David will seek God for the boy, and fast a fast; and he came and passed the night and lay upon the earth. 17 And the old men of his house will rise to him to lift him up from the earth; and he would not, and he ate not bread with them.
18 And it will be in the seventh day, and the child will die. And David's servants feared to announce to him that the child died: for they said, Behold, in the child being living we spake to him and he heard not to our voice, and how shall we say to him the child died, and do evil?
19 And David will see that his servants are whispering, and David will perceive that the child died: and David will say to his servants, Did the child die? and they will say, He died.
20 And David will rise from the earth and wash, and be anointed, and he will change his garments, and will go into the house of Jehovah and worship, and go to his house; and he will ask and they will set bread to him, and he will eat.
21 And his servants will say to him, What this word which thou didst? for sake of the child living thou didst fast and weep, and when the child died thou didst rise and thou wilt eat bread.
22 And he will say, The child yet living, and I fasted and wept; for I said, ho will know Jehovah will compassionate me, and the child live? 23 And now he died, wherefore thus do I fast? shall I be able to yet turn him back? I go to him, and he will not turn back to me.
24 And David will comfort Bath-Sheba his wife, and will go in to her and lie with her, and she will bear a son, and he will call his name Solomon: and Jehovah loved him. 25 And he will send by the hand of Nathan the prophet; and he will call his name Jedidiah, for sake of Jehovah.
26 And Joab will fight against Rabbah of the sons of Ammon, and he will take the city of the kingdom. 27 And Joab will send messengers to David, and say, I fought against Rabbah, also I took the city of waters. 28 And now gather together the rest of the people and encamp against the city, and take it, lest I shall take the city, and my name was called upon it 29 And David will gather all the people together and go to Rabbah, and war against it and take it 30 And he will take the crown of their king from his head; and its weight a talent of gold and a precious stone; and it will be upon David's head. And he brought forth the spoil of the city exceeding much. 31 And the people which were in it he brought forth, and he will put at the saw and at the threshing-sledge of iron, and at axes of iron, and caused them to pass over through the brick-kiln: and thus he will do to all the cities of the sons of Ammon. And David will turn back, and all the people, to Jerusalem.