1 Whilst Apollos was at Corinth, Paul, having pass'd through the upper provinces of Asia, arrived at Ephesus, where finding some disciples, he said to them, 2 did you receive the holy spirit, when you made profession of your faith? they answer'd, we have not so much as heard of a holy spirit.
3 what baptism then, said he, did you receive? they replied, the baptism of John.
4 upon which Paul said, John indeed administer'd the baptism of repentance, but with this admonition, that they should believe in him, who was to come after, that is, in Jesus the Messias.
5 when they heard this, they were initiated by baptism into the christian profession. 6 and Paul having given them imposition of hands, the holy spirit came upon them, and they spoke foreign languages, and prophesied: 7 the number of them being about twelve.
8 At length Paul went to the synagogue, where he spoke with great freedom, and for three months he conferr'd with them to persuade them of the truth of the evangelical kingdom. 9 but some of them being such obdurate infidels as to inveigh against the institution before the populace, he retired, and taking the disciples with him, he instructed them daily in the school of one Tyrannus. 10 this he continued for two years; so that the Jews and proselytes of that part of Asia heard the doctrine of the Lord Jesus.
11 the miracles which God wrought by the ministry of Paul being of such an extraordinary nature, that by applying the handkerchiefs, 12 or aprons that had touch'd his skin, to the distemper'd, they were cured, and the evil spirits came out of the possessed.
13 Upon this, certain vagabond Jews, who were exorcists, pretended to cure demoniacs by pronouncing the name of the Lord Jesus: their form being this, "I adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches." 14 these practitioners were seven in number, the sons of Sceva a Jew, one of the chief priests. 15 but the evil spirit said to them, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?" 16 the man who was possess'd immediately leapt upon them, got the better, and used them so roughly, they were forc'd to fly out of the house, cover'd with nothing but their wounds. 17 this was known to all the Jews and Greeks, that liv'd at Ephesus, who were all seiz'd with fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was exalted. 18 many that believed came to confess, and give an account of their past actions. 19 many that had practis'd magical arts, brought the books and publickly threw them into the fire: the value by computation amounting to fifty thousand pieces of silver. 20 thus the christian doctrine flourish'd and prevail'd.
21 after this, Paul had a design to pass thro' Macedonia and Achaia in his way to Jerusalem: purposing when he had been there to make a visit to Rome. 22 he sent therefore Timothy and Erastus, two of his assistants in the ministry, before to Macedonia; but stay'd himself in Asia for some time.
23 It was then a tumult happen'd at Ephesus upon account of the christian sect. 24 for one Demetrius, a silver-smith, who made little models of Diana's temple, and so furnish'd a deal of employment to the workmen in that trade, 25 summon'd the company, and thus address'd them, "tho' you know, sirs, it is by this craft that we are in such plight, 26 yet your own eyes and ears have inform'd you, that not only at Ephesus, but almost throughout all Asia, this Paul by his persuasions has turn'd the heads of a world of people, asserting, that these are Gods of our own making, and not really such. 27 so that not only our profession runs the risk of being vilified; but the temple of the great goddess Diana will be depreciated, and her majesty, so rever'd thro' all Asia, and the whole world, will be discarded."
28 at these words, they were fir'd with indignation, and cry'd out, "great is Diana of the Ephesians." 29 and the whole city was fill'd with confusion: all crouded in a body to the theatre, dragging with them Gaius and Aristarchus, both of Macedonia, who had travell'd with Paul. 30 upon this Paul was bent upon going. to the populace, 31 but was prevented by his disciples, and by the primates of Asia, who were his friends, and sent to desire he would not venture to the theatre: 32 there the mob were in the utmost riot, some bawling out in one cry, some in another, and the greatest part at a loss to know why they were met. 33 at last Alexander was disengag'd from the croud, and accus'd by the Jews. then he waved his hand, desiring to make his defence before them all. 34 but when they knew he was a Jew, they cry'd out one and all for the space of two hours, "great is Diana of the Ephesians."
35 at length the town-clerk appeased the people, and thus began, "who is there, O Ephesians, that does not know, that the city of Ephesus is the guardian of the temple of the great Diana, and of her statue, which fell from heaven: 36 since this is incontestible, it behoves you to be easy, and free from any rash conduct: 37 for the men you have brought here, have neither plunder'd your temples, nor inveigh'd against your goddess. 38 if Demetrius and the other artists, that are with him, can lay their action against any man, the law is open, and the proconsul is near; let them begin their process. 39 but if the contest be about other matters, it may be decided in a regular assembly. 40 for we run the risk of being answerable for this day's sedition: there being no justifiable occasion for such a commotion." 41 having thus harangued them, he broke up the assembly.