1 In the third year of king Cyrus of Persia, there was showed unto Daniel, otherwise called Balteshazzar, a matter: yea, a true matter, but it is yet a long time unto it. He understood the matter well, and perceived what the vision was.
2 At the same time, I, Daniel, mourned for the space of three weeks, 3 so that I had no lust to eat bread: as for flesh and wine, there came none within my mouth: No, I did not once anoint myself, till the whole three weeks were out. 4 Upon the twenty fourth day of the first month, I was by the great flood called Tigris. 5 I lift up mine eyes, and looked: and behold, a man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded up with fine gold of Arabia: 6 His body was like the Chrisolite stone; his face, to look upon, was like lightning; his eyes as the flame of fire; his arms and feet were like fair glistering metal; but the voice of his words was like the voice of a multitude.
7 I, Daniel, alone saw this vision. The men that were with me, saw it not: but a great fearfulness fell upon them, so that they fled away, and hid themselves. 8 I was left there myself alone, and saw this great vision, so long till there remained no more strength within me: Yea I lost my colour clean, I wasted away, and my strength was gone. 9 Yet heard I the voice of his words: and as soon as I heard it, faintness came upon me, and I fell down flat to the ground upon my face.
10 And behold a hand touched me, which set me up upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands, 11 saying unto me, "O Daniel, thou well beloved man: take good heed of the words, that I shall say unto thee, and stand right up, for unto thee am I now sent." And when he had said these words, I stood up trembling.
12 Then said he unto me, "Fear not, Daniel: for why? Since the first day that thou set thine heart to understand, and didst chasten thyself before thy God: thy words have been heard. And I had come unto thee, when thou begannest to speak, 13 had not the prince over the kingdom of the Persians withstood me twenty one days. But lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; him have I left by the king of Persia, 14 and am come to show thee what shall happen unto thy people in the latter days: For it will be long yet before the vision be fulfilled."
15 Now when he had spoken these words unto me, I cast down my head to the ground and held my tongue. 16 Behold, there touched my lips one very like unto a man. Then opened I my mouth, and said unto him, that stood before me, "O my lord, my joints are loosed in the vision, and there is no more strength within me: 17 How may my lord's servant then talk with my lord? Seeing there is no strength in me, so that I cannot take my breath?"
18 Upon this there touched me, again, one much like a man, and comforted me, 19 saying, "O thou man so well beloved, fear not: be content, take a good heart unto thee, and be strong." So when he had spoken unto me, I recovered, and said, "Speak on, my lord, for thou hast refreshed me."
20 Then said he, "Knowest thou wherefore I am come unto thee? Now will I go again to fight with the prince of the Persians: As soon as I go forth, lo, the prince of Greekland shall come. 21 Nevertheless, I will show thee the thing that is fast noted in the scripture of truth. And as for all yonder matters, there is none that helpeth me in them, but Michael your prince.