1 And Israel will remove and all which is to him, and he will come to the well of the oath, and he will sacrifice sacrifices to the God of his father Isaak. 2 And God will speak to Israel in a vision of the night, and he will say, Jacob! Jacob! and he will say, Behold me.
3 And he will say, I am God, the God of thy father: thou shalt not fear going down to Egypt; for I will there make thee into a great nation. 4 I will go down with thee to Egypt, and I will raise thee up; and Joseph shall put his hand upon thine eyes
5 And Jacob will rise up from the well of the oath: and the sons of Israel will take up Jacob their father, and their little ones, and their wives, in the wagons which Pharaoh sent to take him. 6 And they will take their cattle and their goods which they acquired in the land of Canaan, and they will come to Egypt, Jacob, and all his seed with him; 7 His sons, and his sons' sons with him, his daughters, and his sons' daughters, and all his seed, he brought with him to Egypt
8 And these the names of the sons of Israel having come to Egypt. Jacob and his sons: the first born of Jacob, Reuben. 9 And the sons of Reuben: Hanoch and Phallu and Hezron and Carmi. 10 And the sons of Simeon: Jemuel and Jamin and Ohad and Jachin, and Zohar and Saul, son of the Canaanitess. 11 And the sons of Levi: Gershon and Kohath. and Merari. 12 And the sons of Judah: Er and Onan and Shelah and Pharez and Zarah; and Er will die, and Onan in the land of Canaan. And the sons of Pharez will be Hezron and Hamu. 13 And the sons of Issachar: Tola and Phuvah, and Job and Shimron. 14 And the sons of Zebulon, Sered and Elon and Jahleel. 15 These the sons of Leah, which she bare to Jacob in Padan-Aram, and Dinah his daughter; all the souls of his sons and his daughters thirty and three. 16 And the sons of Gad: Ziphion and Haggi, Shumi and Ezbon, Eri and Arodi and Areli. 17 And the sons of Asher: Jimnath and Ishuah and Isui and Beriah, and Sarah their sister. And the sons of Beriah: Heber and Malchiel. 18 These the sons of Zilpah whom Laban gave to Leah Iris daughter. And she will bear these to Jacob, sixteen souls. 19 The sons of Rachel, Jacob's wife: Joseph and Benjamin. 20 And to Joseph will be born in the land of Egypt, whom Asenath will bear to him, the daughter of Poti-Phera, priest of Ain: Manasseh and Ephraim. 21 And the sons of Benjamin: Bela and Becher, and Ashbel, Gera and Naaman, Ehi and Rosh, Muppim and Huppim and Ard. 22 These the sons of Rachel which she bare to Jacob; all the souls fourteen. 23 And the sons of Dan: Hushim. 24 And the sons of Naphtali Jahzeel, and Guni and Jezer and Shillem. 25 These the sons of Bilhah, whom Laban gave to Rachel his daughter, and she will bear these to Jacob; all the souls seven. 26 All the souls going with Jacob to Egypt, coming forth from his thigh, besides Jacob's sons' wives, all the souls, sixty and six. 27 And the sons of Joseph which were born to him in Egypt, two souls: to the house of Jacob coming to Egypt, seventy.
28 And he sent Judah before him to Joseph to cast his face to Goshen, and they came to the land of Goshen. 29 And Joseph will harness his chariot, and will go up to meet Israel his father, to Goshen; and he will be seen to him: and he will fall upon his neck, and will yet weep upon his neck
30 And Israel will say to Joseph, Now will I die, after I saw thy face, because thou art yet living.
31 And Joseph will say to his brethren, and to his father's house, I will go up and announce to Pharaoh, and say to him, My brethren and my father's house which were in the land of Canaan, came to me. 32 And the men are shepherds of sheep, for they were men of cattle; and they brought their sheep and their cattle, and all which is to them. 33 And it will be when Pharaoh shall call to you and say, What your work? 34 And saying, Thy servants were men of cattle from our childhood and till now; also we, also our fathers; that ye shall dwell in the land of Goshen; for every shepherd of sheep is an abomination to the Egyptians.