1 Do not thou triumph, O Israel; make no boasting more than the Heathen. For thou hast committed adultery against thy God: strange rewards hast thou loved, more than all the corn floors. 2 Therefore shall they no more enjoy the corn floors and winepresses, and their sweet wine shall fail them. 3 They will not dwell in the LORD's land, but Ephraim turneth again into Egypt, and eateth unclean things among the Assyrians.
4 They pour out no wine for a drink offering unto the LORD, neither give they him their slain offerings: but they be unto them as mourner's meats, wherein all they that eat them are defiled. For the bread that they have such lust unto, shall not come into the house of the LORD. 5 What will ye do then in the solemn days, and in the feast of the LORD? 6 Lo, they shall get them away for the destruction. Egypt shall receive them, and Memphis shall bury them. The nettles shall overgrow their pleasant goods, and burrs shall be in their tabernacles.
7 Be ye sure, O Israel: the time of visitation is come, the days of recompensing are at hand. As for the prophet, ye hold him for a fool; and him that is rich in the spirit, for a mad man: so great is your wickedness and malice. 8 Ephraim hath made himself a watchman of my God, a prophet that is become a snare to do hurt in every street, and abomination in the house of his God. 9 They be gone too far, and have destroyed themselves, like as they did afore time at Gibeah. Therefore their wickedness shall be remembered, and their sins punished.
10 I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness, and saw their fathers as the first figs in the top of the fig tree. But they are gone to Baalpeor, and run away from me to that shameful Idol, and are become as abominable as their lovers. 11 Ephraim flyeth like a bird, so shall their glory also: Insomuch that they shall neither beget, conceive nor bear children. 12 And though they bring up any, yet will I make them childless among men. Yea, woe shall come to them, when I depart from them. 13 Ephraim, as me think, is planted in wealthiness, like as Tyre, but now must she bring her own children forth to the manslayer. 14 O LORD thou shalt give them: what shalt thou give them? Give them an unfruitful womb and dry breasts!
15 All their wickedness is done at Gilgal, there do I abhor them. For the ungraciousness of their own inventions, I will drive them out of my house. I will love them no more, for all their princes are unfaithful. 16 Ephraim is hewn down, their root is dried up, so that they shall bring no more fruit: yea and though they bring forth any, yet will I slay even the best beloved fruit of their body. 17 My God shall cast them away, for they have not been obedient unto him, therefore shall they go astray among the Heathen.