1 In that day, the LORD with his heavy, great, and long sword shall visit Leviathan that fugitive serpent: even Leviathan that crooked serpent, and shall slay the dragon in the sea.
2 At the same time shall men sing of the vineyard of Muscatel. 3 I the LORD keep it, and water it in due season. I watch day and night, that no man break into it. 4 I hear no evil will in my mind. Who will compel me that I, greatly forgetting all faithfulness, should burn it up at once with thorns and bushes? 5 Or who will enforce me to keep or make peace? 6 It will come to this point, that Jacob shall be rooted again, and Israel shall be green, and bear flowers, and they shall fill the whole world with their fruit.
7 Smiteth he not his smiter, as even as he is smitten himself? Destroyeth he not the murderers, as he is murdered? 8 Every man recompenseth with the measure that he receiveth: He museth upon his sore wind, as upon the days of extreme heat. 9 And therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be thus reconciled. And so shall he take away all the fruit of his sins. As for altar stones, he shall make them all as stones beaten to powder: the groves and Idols shall not stand. 10 The strong cities shall be desolate, and the fair cities shall be left like a wilderness. The cattle shall feed and lie there, and the sheep shall eat it up. 11 Their harvest shall be burnt; their wives, which were their beauty when they came forth, shall be defiled. For it is a people without understanding, and therefore he that created them, shall not favour them; and he that made them, shall not be merciful to them.
12 In that time shall the LORD shoot from the swift water of Euphrates, unto the river of Egypt. And there shall the children be chosen out one by one. 13 Then shall the great trumpet be blown, so that those which have been destroyed in the Assyrian's land, and those that be scattered abroad in Egypt, shall come and worship the LORD at Jerusalem, upon the holy mount.