1 I cut out a covenant for mine eyes; and why shall I show myself attentive to a virgin? 2 And what the portion of God from above? and the inheritance of the Almighty from the heights? 3 Is not destruction to the evil one? and strangeness to those working iniquity? 4 Will he not see my way, and number all my steps?
5 If I went with vanity, and my foot will haste upon deceit; 6 He shall weigh me in balances of justice, and God will know mine integrity.
7 If my going will incline from the way, and my heart went after mine eyes, and a blemish did cleave upon my hands: 8 I will sow and another shall eat; and my offspring shall be rooted up.
9 If my heart was seduced by woman, and I laid wait at the door of my neighbor; 10 My wife shall grind for another, and others shall bow down upon her. 11 For this is crime, and this is iniquity for the judges. 12 For it is a fire; it will devour even to destruction, and will root out upon all mine increase.
13 If I shall despise the judgment of my servant and my maid in their contending with me; 14 And what shall I do when God shall rise up? And when he shall review, what shall I turn back to him? 15 Did not he making me in the womb, make him? And he will prepare us in one belly.
16 If I shall withhold from the desire of the poor, and cause the eyes of the widow to fail; 17 And eating my morsel alone, and the orphan ate not from it; 18 (For from my youth he grew up to me as a father, and I shall guide her from my mother's womb;) 19 If I shall see one perishing from not being clothed, and no covering to the needy; 20 If his loins did not praise me, and he will be warmed from the fleece of my sheep 21 If I lifted up my hand against the orphan when I shall see, my help in the gate: 22 My shoulder shall fall from its shoulder-blade, and mine, arm shall be broken from the bone. 23 For the destruction of God is a terror to me, and from his lifting up I shall not prevail.
24 If I set gold my hope, and said to gold, My trust; 25 If I shall rejoice because of the Multitude of my riches, and because my hand found much; 26 If I shall see the light when it shall shine, and the moon going in splendor; 27 And my heart will be seduced in secret, and my hand shall kiss to my mouth: 28 Also this an iniquity for the judges: for I lied to God from above.
29 If I shall rejoice in the destruction of him hating me, and I exalted when evil found him: 30 And I gave not my palate to sin to ask in cursing his soul. 31 If the men of my tent said not, Who will give from his flesh? We shall not be satisfied. 32 The stranger shall not lodge without: I shall open my doors to the traveler. 33 If I covered my transgression, as man, to hide mine iniquity in my bosom: 34 , If I, shall fear a great multitude, and the contempt of families terrify me, and I will be silent and not go out of my door.
35 Who will give to me hearing to me.? Behold, my sign, the Almighty will answer me, and the man contending with me wrote a book. 36 If not, I shall lift it up upon my shoulder, I will bind it a crown to me 37 The number of my steps I shall announce to him: as a leader I shall draw near to him.
38 If my land shall cry against me, and its, furrows shall weep together; 39 If I ate its strength without silver, and caused its possessors to expire: 40 The thorn shall come forth, instead of wheat, and the weed instead of barley. The words of Job were completed