1 "Do you know [the] time when [the] goats of [the] rocks give birth? Do you observe [the] doe deer's giving birth? 2 Can you number [the] months they fulfill, and do you know [the] time of its giving birth? 3 When they crouch, they bring forth their young ones; they get rid of their labor pains. 4 Their young ones grow strong; they grow up in the open; they go forth and do not return to them.
5 "Who has sent forth [the] wild ass free? And who has released [the] wild donkey's bonds, 6 [to] which I have given [the] wilderness [as] its house and [the] salt flat [as] its dwelling place? 7 It scorns [the] city's turmoil; it does not hear [the] driver's shouts. 8 It explores [the] mountains [as] its pasture and searches after every kind of green plant. 9 "Is [the] wild ox willing to serve you, or will he spend the night at your feeding trough? 10 Can you tie [the] wild ox [with] its rope to a furrow, or will it harrow [the] valleys after you? 11 Can you trust it because its strength [is] great, or will you hand your labor over to it? 12 Can you rely on it that it will return your grain and [that] it will gather [it] to your threshing floor?
13 "[The] wings of [the] female ostrich flap-- [are they] [the] pinions of [the] stork or [the] falcon? 14 Indeed, it leaves its eggs to the earth, and it lets [them] be warmed on [the] ground, 15 and it forgets that a foot might crush an egg, and {a wild animal} might trample it. 16 It deals cruelly with its young ones, as [if] [they were] not its [own], as [if] without fear [that] its labor [were] in vain, 17 because God made it forget wisdom, and he did not give it a share in understanding. 18 When it spreads its wings {aloft}, it laughs at the horse and its rider.
19 "Do you give power to the horse? Do you clothe its neck [with] a mane? 20 Do you make it leap like the locust? [The] majesty of its snorting [is] terrifying. 21 They paw in the valley, and it exults with strength; it goes out to meet [the] battle. 22 It laughs at danger and is not dismayed, and it does not turn back from {before} [the] sword. 23 Upon it [the] quiver rattles [along with] [the] flash of [the] spear and [the] short sword. 24 With roar and rage {it races over the ground}, and it cannot stand still at [the] sound of [the] horn. 25 {Whenever} a horn [sounds], it says, 'Aha!' And it smells [the] battle from a distance-- [the] thunder of [the] commanders and [the] war cry.
26 "Does [the] hawk soar by your wisdom? Does it spread its wings to [the] south? 27 Or does [the] eagle fly high at your command and construct its nest high? 28 It lives [on the] rock and spends the night {on the rock point and the mountain stronghold}. 29 From there it spies out [the] prey; its eyes look from far away. 30 And its young ones lick blood greedily, and where [the] dead carcasses [are], there they [are]."