1 Call now, if there is answering thee; and to whom from the holy ones wilt thou turn? 2 For to the foolish, and anger will slay, and the simple will jealousy kill. 3 I saw the foolish one taking root, and suddenly I shall curse his habitation. 4 His sons shall be far from salvation, and they shall be crushed in the gate, and none delivering. 5 Which his harvest the hungry one will devour, and not from thorns shall they take it, and destruction gaped after their substance. 6 For toil will not come forth from the dust, and labor will not spring up from the earth; 7 For man shall be born to labor as the sons of the flame will lift up to fly.
8 But I will seek to God, and to God set my cause: 9 He did great things, and no searching;. and wonders even no number: 10 He gave rain upon the face of the earth, and sent waters upon the out places: 11 To raise up the humbled to height; and those mourning were exalted to salvation. 12 Bringing to nought the purposes of the crafty, and their hand shall not do an undertaking. 13 He took the wise in their craftiness, and the counsel of the perverse was headlong. 14 The days they will meet darkness, and they will grope in the noon day as night 15 And he saved the needy from the sword, from their mouth and from the band of the strong one. 16 And hope will be to the poor one, and iniquity contracted her mouth. 17 Behold, happy the man God shall rebuke him: and thou shalt not reject the correction of the Almighty: 18 For he will cause pain, and he will bind up: he will smite and his hands will heal. 19 In six straits he will deliver thee, and in seven, evil shall not touch upon thee. 20 In famine he redeemed thee from death, and in war from the hands of the sword. 21 In the scourge of the tongue thou shalt be hid, and thou shalt not be afraid of desolation when it shall come. 22 At desolation and at hunger thou shalt laugh, and from the beasts of the earth thou shalt not fear. 23 For with the stones of the field they covenant, and the beast of the field was at peace with thee. 24 And thou knewest that thy tent is peace, and thou reviewedst thy dwelling, and thou shalt not sin. 25 And thou knewest the multitude of thy seed, and thine offspring as the grass of the earth. 26 Thou shalt come in old age to thy grave, as the ascending of a heap of sheaves in its time.
27 Behold this, we searched it out, so it is: hear it, and know thou for thyself.