1 And when a soul shall bring near an offering, a gift to Jehovah, his offering shall be fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and give frankincense upon it 2 And he brought it to Aaron's sons the priests: and he pressed together from it his hand full from its fine flour, and from its oil, upon all its frankincense, and the priest burnt its memorial upon the altar, a sacrifice, an odor of sweetness to Jehovah. 3 And the remainder from the gift, to Aaron and his sons; holy of holies from the sacrifice to Jehovah.
4 And when thou shalt bring an offering, a gift, a baking of the oven, fine flour of unleavened cakes mingled with oil, and thin unleavened cakes anointed with oil. 5 And if a gift upon the frying pan their offering, fine flour mingled with oil, unleavened it shall be. 6 Break it to bits and pour oil upon it: it is a gift 7 And if a gift of the pot thine offering, fine flour with oil it shall be made. 8 And bring the gift which shall be made from these to Jehovah: and bring it near to the priest, and he brought it near to the altar. 9 And the priest lifted up from the gift its memorial, and burnt upon the altar: a sacrifice, an odor of sweetness to Jehovah. 10 And the remainder from the gift for Aaron and for his sons: holy of holies, from the sacrifices to Jehovah.
11 Every gift which ye shall bring near to Jehovah shall not be made leavened: for all leaven and all honey ye shall not burn from it a sacrifice to Jehovah. 12 The offering of the first fruits ye shall bring them near to Jehovah: and to the altar they shall not go up for an odor of sweetness. 13 And every offering of thy gift, thou shalt salt with salt; and thou shalt not cause the salt of the covenant of thy God to cease from thy gift: upon every offering of thine thou shalt bring near salt
14 And if thou shalt bring near a gift of the first fruits to Jehovah, green ears parched in the fire, grits of early grain crushed shalt thou bring near, the gift of thy first fruits. 15 And give oil upon it and put frankincense upon: it is a gift. 16 And the priest burnt its memorial from its crushing and from its oil, upon all its frankincense: a sacrifice to Jehovah.