1 Remember, O Yahweh, unto David, all his humiliations! 3 Surely I will not enter the home of my own house, nor ascend my curtained couch; 4 I will not give sleep to mine eyes, nor, to mine eye-lashes, slumber: 5 Until I find a place for Yahweh, habitations for the Mighty One of Jacob.
6 Lo! we heard of it at Ephrathah, we found it in the fields of the wood. 7 We would enter his habitations, we would bow down at his footstool. 8 Arise! O Yahweh, unto thy place of rest, Thou, and the ark of thy strength. 9 Thy priests, let them be clothed with righteousness, Thy men of lovingkindness, let them shout for joy! 10 For the sake of David thy servant, do not turn away the face of thine Anointed One.
11 Yahweh hath sworn unto David, in faithfulness, will he not turn from it, - Of the fruit of thy body, will I seat on thy throne. 12 If thy sons keep my covenant, and my testimony which I will teach them, even their sons, unto futurity, shall sit on thy throne.
13 For Yahweh hath chosen Zion, - He hath desired it as a dwelling for himself: 14 This, is my place of rest unto futurity, Here, will I dwell, for I have desired it; 15 Her provision, will I abundantly bless, Her needy ones, will I satisfy with bread; 16 And, her priests, will I clothe with salvation, and, her men of lovingkindness, shall, shout aloud, for joy; 17 There, will I cause to bud a horn to David, I have prepared a lamp for mine Anointed One; 18 His enemies, will I clothe with shame, but, upon himself, shall his crown be resplendent.