1 Contend, O Yahweh, with them who contend with me, Make war upon them who make war upon me. 2 Grasp buckler and shield, and arise in my help; 3 Then draw the spear, and close up against my pursuers, Say to my soul, Thy salvation, I am!
4 Let them be ashamed and confounded, who are seeking my life, - Let them turn back and be put to the blush, who are devising my hurt: 5 Let them be as chaff before the wind, with, the messenger of Yahweh, pressing them on: 6 Let their way become dark and slippery, with, the messenger of Yahweh, pursuing them. 7 For, without cause, have they hid for me, in a ditch, their net, - Without cause, have they digged a pit for my life. 8 There shall reach him a ruin he could not know, - Yea, his own net which he hath hidden, shall capture him, Into that ruin, shall he fall!
9 But, my soul, shall exult in Yahweh, - shall be glad in his salvation. 10 All my bones, shall say - O Yahweh, who is like unto thee? Rescuing the oppressed from one stronger than he, Yea the oppressed and the needy, from their spoiler.
11 There rise up witnesses helping forward violence and wrong, What I know not, they demand of me: 12 They repay me evil for good, Bereaving my soul. 13 But, as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth, I humbled, with fasting, my soul, though, my prayer, unto mine own bosom, might return: 14 Like as for a friend, like as for a brother of mine own, I walked to and fro, As though mourning for a mother, I gloomily bowed myself down. 15 But, in mine overthrow, have they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together, - There gathered themselves together against me foolish men, and I knew it not, They have torn in pieces, and not been silent; 16 Amidst profane praters of perversion, have they gnashed upon me with their teeth.
17 My Lord! how long wilt thou look on? Bring back my soul out of their raging, from among lions, my solitary self. 18 I will thank thee, in the midst of a great convocation, - In the midst of a mighty people, will I praise thee. 19 Let not them who are falsely my foes rejoice over me, As for them who hate me without cause, let them not wink the eye! 20 For, no salvation, will they utter, - But, against the quiet of the land, deceitful things, do they devise; 21 Yea they have opened wide against me their mouth, They have said, Aha! Aha! our own eye, hath seen!
22 Thou hast seen, O Yahweh, do not keep silence! O My Lord! be not far from me: 23 Bestir thyself and wake up, to my vindication, O my God and My Lord! - to my plea: 24 Vindicate me according to thy righteousness, O Yahweh, my God! And let them not rejoice over me: 25 Let them not say in their heart, Aha! to our mind! Let them not say, We have swallowed him up! 26 Let them turn pale, and then at once blush, who are rejoicing at my misfortune, - Let them be clothed with shame and confusion, who are magnifying themselves against me.
27 Let them shout in triumph and rejoice, who are desiring my justification; And let them say continually, Yahweh be magnified, Who hath taken pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. 28 Mine own tongue also, shall softly utter thy righteousness, - All the day long, - thy praise!