1 O God, my GOD, thou art, Earnestly do I desire thee, - My soul thirsteth for thee, My flesh fainteth for thee, In a land - dry, and weary for want of water, - 3 Because better is thy lovingkindness than life, My lips, aloud shall praise thee! 4 Thus, will I bless thee while I live, In thy Name, will I lift up mine outspread hands: 5 As with fatness and richness, shall my soul be satisfied, And, with joyfully shouting lips, shall my mouth utter praise.
6 Should I call thee to mind upon my conch, In the watches of the night, would I breathe soft speech of thee. 7 For thou hast become a help unto me, - And, in the shadow of thy wings, will I shout for joy. 8 My soul hath run clinging to thee, On me, hath thy right hand laid hold.
9 When, they, to crush it, would seek my life, They shall go into the lower parts of the earth: 10 Every one shall be given up into the power of the sword, The portion of jackals, shall they become. 11 But, the king, shall rejoice in God, - Every one shall glory who sweareth by him, For the mouth of them who speak falsehood, shall be stopped.