1 For the music director; a psalm of David, a song. Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion. Vows made to you are fulfilled. 2 You hear prayers; all people approach you. 3 Our record of sins overwhelms me, but you forgive our acts of rebellion. 4 How blessed is the one whom you choose, and allow to live in your palace courts. May we be satisfied with the good things of your house -- your holy palace.
5 You answer our prayers by performing awesome acts of deliverance, O God, our savior. All the ends of the earth trust in you, as well as those living across the wide seas. 6 You created the mountains by your power, and demonstrated your strength. 7 You calm the raging seas and their roaring waves, as well as the commotion made by the nations. 8 Even those living in the most remote areas are awestruck by your acts; you cause those living in the east and west to praise you.
9 You visit the earth and give it rain; you make it rich and fertile with overflowing streams full of water. You provide grain for them, for you prepare the earth to yield its crops. 10 You saturate its furrows, and soak its plowed ground. With rain showers you soften its soil, and make its crops grow. 11 You crown the year with your good blessings, and you leave abundance in your wake. 12 The pastures in the wilderness glisten with moisture, and the hills are clothed with joy. 13 The meadows are clothed with sheep, and the valleys are covered with grain. They shout joyfully, yes, they sing.

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