1 Wherefore, inexcusable, thou art, O man, whoever judgest; for, wherein thou judgest some one else, thyself, thou dost condemn, - for, the very things, thou dost practise, who art judging: 2 We know, however, that, the sentence of God, is according to truth against them who, such things as these, do practise. 3 And reckonest thou this, O man - who dost judge them who such things do practise, and yet art doing the same, that, thou, shalt escape the sentence of God? 4 Or, the riches of his kindness, and forbearance, and long-suffering, dost thou despise, - not knowing that, the kindness of God, unto repentance, is leading thee? 5 But, according to thy hardness, and thine impenitent heart, art treasuring up for thyself anger, in a day of anger and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, - 6 Who will render unto each one according to his works: - 7 Unto them, on the one hand, who, by way of endurance in good work, are seeking, glory, honour and incorruption, life age-abiding, 8 Unto them, on the other hand, who are of contention, and are not yielding unto the truth, but are yielding unto unrighteousness, anger and wrath, 9 tribulation and anguish - against every soul of man who worketh out what is base, both of Jew first and of Greek, - 10 But glory and honour and peace - unto every one who worketh what is good, both unto Jew first and unto Greek: 11 For there is no respect of persons with God; -
12 For, as many as without law sinned, without law, also shall perish, and, as many as within law sinned, through law, shall be judged; 13 For, not the hearers of law, are righteous with God, but, the doers of law, shall be declared righteous; 14 For, whensoever the nations which have not law, by nature, the things of the law, may be doing, the same, not having law, unto themselves, are a law, - 15 Who, indeed, shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience therewith bearing witness, and, between one another, their reasonings accusing - or, even excusing, them: - 16 In the day on which God judgeth the secrets of men according to my glad-message through Christ Jesus.
17 If, however, thou, art taking the name of Jew, and resting thyself upon law, and boasting in God, 18 And art taking note of his will, and testing the things that differ - when receiving oral instruction out of the law, 19 Art persuaded, moreover, that, thou thyself, art - a guide of the blind, a light of them that are in darkness, 20 A trainer of the simple, a teacher of babes, having the forming of knowledge and truth in the law, - 21 Thou, therefore, that art teaching someone else, thyself, art thou not teaching? Thou that proclaimest - Do not steal! Art thou, stealing? 22 That sayest - Do not commit adultery! Art thou, committing adultery? That abhorrest sacrilege, Art thou, robbing temples? 23 That in law dost boast, Through the transgression of the law, art thou dishonouring God? 24 For the name of God, because of you, is defamed among the nations, - even as it is written.
25 For, circumcision, indeed, profiteth - if, law, thou be practising; but, if thou be a transgressor of law, thy circumcision, hath become, uncircumcision 26 If then, the uncircumcision, be guarding the righteous requirement of the law, shall not, his uncircumcision, as circumcision be reckoned? - 27 And the uncircumcision by nature, completing the law, shall judge, thee, who, notwithstanding letter and circumcision, art a transgressor of law! 28 For, not he who is one in appearance, is a Jew, nor is, that which is such in appearance in flesh, circumcision; 29 But, he who is one in secret, is a Jew, - and, that is , circumcision, which is of the heart, in spirit, not in letter, - whose, praise, is not of men, but of God.