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'Kings Of The World' in the Bible

King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the world in riches and in wisdom.

All the kings of the world wanted an audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom God had put in his heart.

The underworld is moved at your coming: the shades of the dead are awake before you, even the strong ones of the earth; all the kings of the world have got up from their seats.

At in that day shall the LORD muster together the high host above, and the kings of the world upon the earth.

[It is also] from Jesus Christ, who is the Faithful Witness [to the truth], the Firstborn from the dead [i.e., the first One raised never to die again], the Ruler of the kings of the world. May there be honor and power forever and ever to Christ, who loved us and released us from our sins by His blood [Note: Some manuscripts say "washed us" since the two words are spelled almost alike].

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