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A beautiful virgin of Shunem, in Issachar, chosen to marry David in his old age and cherish him. After his death, Adonijah sought her hand to promote his treasonable aspirations, and was punished by death, 1Ki 1-2.


father of (i.e., "given to") error, a young woman of Shunem, distinguished for her beauty. She was chosen to minister to David in his old age. She became his wife (1Ki 1:3-4,15). After David's death Adonijah persuaded Bathsheba, Solomon's mother, to entreat the king to permit him to marry Abishag. Solomon suspected in this request an aspiration to the throne, and therefore caused him to be put to death (1Ki 2:17-25).

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("father of error".) The beautiful young woman of Shunem in Issachar, who cherished David in his old age. Adonijab persuaded Bathsheba to entreat Solomon to give her to him in marriage. This Solomon construed into virtual treason: as regal rights followed the possession in marriage of a deceased king's wife, and caused him to be killed (1Ki 1:1-4; 2:13-25)

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A beautiful young Shunammitess who attended upon David in his extreme old age (1Ki 1:2 ff., 1Ki 1:15). After David's death, Abishag was asked in marriage by Adonijah; the request cost him his life (1Ki 2:13-25).

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The Shunammite damsel who cherished David in his old age. 1Ki 1:3,15. After David's death, his son Adonijah asked to have Abishag for wife, for which Solomon put him to death. 1Ki 2:17-23.

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a beautiful Shunammite (from Shunem, in the tribe of Issachar), taken into David's harem to comfort him in his extreme old age.

1Ki 1:1-4

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ABISHAG, a young woman, a native of Shunam, in the tribe of Issachar. David, at the age of seventy, finding no warmth in his bed, was advised by his physicians to procure some young person, who might communicate the heat required. To this end Abishag was presented to him, who was one of the most beautiful women in Israel, 1Ki 1:3; and the king made her his wife. After his death, Adonijah requested her in marriage, for which he lost his life; Solomon perceiving in this a design upon the crown also. Adonijah was his elder brother, an intriguing man, and had aspired to be king before the death of David, and had had his life spared only upon the condition of his peaceable conduct. By this request he convinced Solomon, that he was still actuated by political views, and this brought upon him the punishment of treason.

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