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Called also Rabbah and Rabbath-Moab, Nu 21:28; De 2; Isa 15:1. Its site, still called Rabbah, is found upon a hill some fifteen miles east of the Dead Sea, and south of the Arnon, midway between it and Kir Moab.

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The "chief city" (as the name means) of Moab (De 2:9; Nu 21:15,28). On the S. side of the Arnon, due E. of the Dead Sea. Jerome calls it Areopolis, and Rabbath Moab, i.e. great Moab. The site is still called Rabba on the Roman road. Keil however denies that Ar is identical with the modern Rabba; he places Ar at the confluence of the Lejum and Mojeb, "in a fine green pasture, where there is a hill with some ruins" (Burckhardt). Rabba is six hours S. of Lejum. A stone from the Moabite city Medeba has been found inscribed with letters like the Sinaitic.

We drove them away: ... the people of Ar, Moab at the marsh ground (or in the midst of the valley); there they made a thankoffering to God their King, and Jeshurun rejoiced, as also Moses their leader. Compare Nu 21:13-15,21-30; De 2:18,29; Jos 13:9,15-16. "What the Lord did ... at the stream of the brooks that goeth down to the dwelling of Ar, and lieth upon the border of Moab ... the city that is in the midst of the river." The Amorites of Heshbon had laid waste Ar, and in their turn were destroyed by Israel. Thus Israel came into possession of Ar, as the inscription records, confirming Scripture. Thus Keil's site would be the true one. But the reading of the inscription is doubtful. Eusebius implies that Arcopolls is not Ar, but the same as Rabbath Moab, a city of late growth and not mentioned in the Bible.

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A city on the Arnon, the border between Moab and the Amorites (Nu 21:15; De 2:9), now W

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A chief city in the Moabite territory. In Jerome's time it was called Areopolis. It is identified with Rabba,, 31 19' N, 35 38' E, about 10 miles from the Dead Sea. Nu 21:15,28; Isa 15:1. In other passages the name Ar appears to include the land of the Moabites. De 2:9,18,29.

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(a city), or Ar of Moab, one of the chief places of Moab.

Nu 21:28; Isa 15:1

In later times the place known as Areopolis and Rabbath-Moab. The site still called Rabba. It lies about halfway between Kerak and the Wady Mojeb, 10 or 11 miles from each, the Roman road passing through it.

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AR, the capital city of the Moabites, situated in the hills on the south of the river Arnon. This city was likewise called Rabbah or Rabbath Moab, to distinguish it from the Ammonite Rabbah. It was afterward called by the Greeks Areopolis; and is at present termed El-Rabba. See MOAB.