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At first made of reeds, and then of wood tipped with iron. Arrows are sometimes figuratively put for lightning (De 32:23,42; Ps 7:13; 18:14; 144:6; Zec 9:14). They were used in war as well as in the chase (Ge 27:3; 49:23). They were also used in divination (Eze 21:21).

The word is frequently employed as a symbol of calamity or disease inflicted by God (Job 6:4; 34:6; Ps 38:2; De 32:23. Comp. Eze 5:16), or of some sudden danger (Ps 91:5), or bitter words (Ps 64:3), or false testimony (Pr 25:18).

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With the bow, a common weapon of the ancients. We know not of what wood the arrows of the Israelites were made. Apparently the arrows were sometimes poisoned. Job 6:4; Ps 120:4; Nu 24:8; De 32:23, etc. Arrows are used metaphorically for the judgements of God, Ps 38:2; 45:5: also for anything sharp and painful, as smiting by the tongue. Jer 9:8.

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