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1. Joseph Barsabas, surnamed The Just, was one of Christ's early disciples, and probably among the seventy. He was on of the two candidates nominated to fill the vacancy left by Judas Iscariot in the apostleship, Ac 1.

2. Judas Barsabas was "a prophet" and a distinguished member of the Jerusalem church. He was deputed, with Silas, to accompany Paul and Barnabas in a mission of importance to the Gentile converts in the Syrian churches, Ac 15:22-23.

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son of Saba, the surname (1) of Joseph, also called Justus (Ac 1:23), some identify him with Barnabas; (2) of Judas, who was a "prophet." Nothing more is known of him than what is mentioned in Ac 15:32.

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1. JOSEPH, also called JUSTUS, who was nominated with Matthias as suitable to fill the place of Judas Iscariot. Ac 1:23.

2. The surname of JUDAS, who with Silas was sent to Antioch with the decision arrived at by the church at Jerusalem respecting Gentile converts being circumcised. He and Silas are called 'chief men among the brethren,' and 'prophets,' who exhorted the brethren and confirmed them. Ac 15:22,27,32.

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(son of Sabas or rest). [JOSEPH BARSABAS; JUDAS BARSABAS]

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BARSABAS. Joseph Barsabas, surnamed Justus, was one of the first disciples of Jesus Christ, and probably one of the seventy. When St. Peter proposed to the disciples to fill up the place of Judas the traitor, by choosing another Apostle, Ac 1:21, Barsabas was nominated along with Matthias; but the lot fell on Matthias, who was therefore numbered with the eleven Apostles. We know nothing farther of the life of this Barsabas.

2. BARSABAS was also the surname of Judas, one of the principal disciples mentioned, Ac 15:22, &c. Barsabas and some others were sent by the Apostles, with Paul and Barnabas, to Antioch, and carried a letter with them from the Apostles, signifying what the council at Jerusalem had decreed. After the reading of the letter to the brethren, which was received with joy, Barsabas and Silas continued here some time longer, instructing and confirming the brethren; after which Silas and Barsabas returned to Jerusalem. This is all we know of Barsabas Judas.

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