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Ru 2:1, a wealthy Bethlehemite, a descendant of Judah, through whom is traced the regular succession of Jewish kings, Mt 1:5. His conduct in the case of Ruth proves him to have been a man of fine spirit and of strict integrity. He admitted the claim which Ruth had upon him as a near kinsman: under the obligations of the Levitical law, he married the poor gleaner, and thus became one of the ancestors of David, and also of David's Son and Lord. He was the father of Obed, Obed was the father of Jesse, and Jesse of David. The whole narrative is a beautiful picture of the simplicity of the age, when artificial courtesies had not usurped the place of natural and sincere expressions of love.

Boaz was also the name of one of the two brazen pillars which Solomon erected in the porch of the temple, the other being called JACHIN. These columns were about thirty-five feet high, 1Ki 7:15-16,21.

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(1.) The husband of Ruth, a wealthy Bethlehemite. By the "levirate law" the duty devolved on him of marrying Ruth the Moabitess (Ru 4:1-13). He was a kinsman of Mahlon, her first husband.

(2.) The name given (for what reason is unknown) to one of the two (the other was called Jachin) brazen pillars which Solomon erected in the court of the temple (1Ki 7:21; 2Ch 3:17). These pillars were broken up and carried to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.

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Explained in margin 1Ki 7:15-21, "in it (is) strength." Others, fleetness.

1. Of Bethlehem: Elimelech's (Naomi's husband's) kinsman. When the next of kin to Ruth, Naomi's daughter-in-law, declined to do the part of redeemer (god) (See BLOOD) of the inheritance of her deceased husband Mahlon (compare De 25:5-10), Boaz did so by marrying her, though much her senior (Ru 3:10). Their son Obed was grandfather of David. There being no objection to an Israelite's marriage with a Moabitess marks an early date (contrast Ezra 9).

David's descent from Ruth the Moabitess accounts for the intimacy of David with the king of Moab, so that it was with him he left his father and mother in his flight from Saul (1Sa 22:3-5); an undesigned coincidence between the books of Samuel and Ruth, a mark of genuineness (compare Ps 27:10). In the genealogy (Ru 4:18-22) several, at least three, generations must be inserted, as the list there only allows ten generations for 850 years, and only four for the 450 years between Salmon and David.

2. The name of one of the two brass pillars in Solomon's temple porch, on the left, as Jachin was on the right. The difference of the height as given in 1Ki 7:15,21; 2Ch 3:15, arises from the height in one place including, in the other place excluding, the ornament which united the shaft to the chapiter (compare Jer 52:17-21). The pillars, which were hollow, were broken up and carried to Babylon at the fall of Jerusalem before Nebuchadnezzar.

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A Bethlehemite of wealth, the son of Salmon; grandfather of Jesse, and thus ancestor of David (Ru 4:21-22; 1Ch 2:11; Mt 1:5-6; Lu 3:32). He became the second husband of the widowed Ruth, whom he married (according to ancient Hebrew custom) as next-of-kin, when her 'near kinsman' refused to undertake this duty (Ru 4:1-10). See Ruth.

W. O. E. Oesterley.

BOAZ, the name of one of the two bronze pillars which stood in front of Solomon's Temple. The other was named Jachin (1Ki 7:21; 2Ch 3:17). See Jachin and Boaz, Temple.

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This and JACHIN were the names given to two pillars in the porch of the temple built by Solomon. They are minutely described in 1Ki 7:15-22; 2Ch 3:15-17. It will be observed that in Kings and Jer 52:21 the height of each pillar is 18 cubits, but in Chronicles their length is said to be 35 cubits. The explanation of this difference is that in Kings the height of each is given, and in Chronicles the length of the pillars, the two together; so that the 17-1/2 cubits, with perhaps a socket, would be the same as the 18 cubits in Kings. JACHIN signifies 'He will establish,' and BOAZ, 'in Him is strength'

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1. A wealthy Bethlehemite kinsman to Elimelech the husband of Naomi. He married Ruth, and redeemed the estates of her deceased husband Mahlon.

Ru 4:1

Boaz is mentioned in the genealogy of Christ,

Mt 1:5

(B.C. 1250, but there is great difficulty in assigning his date.)

2. The name of one of Solomon's brazen pillars erected in the temple porch. [JACHIN] It stood on the left, and was eighteen cubits high.

See Jachin

1Ki 7:15,21; 2Ch 3:15; Jer 52:21

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