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Was an evil to which Palestine was naturally subject, as no rain fell from May to September. During these months of summer, the ground became parched and cleft, the streams and springs became dry, and vegetation was kept from extinction by the dews at night and by artificial irrigation. If rain did not come in its season and abundantly, the distress was general and dreadful. A drought therefore is threatened as one of God's sorest judgments, Job 24:19; Jer 50:38; Joe 1:10-20; Hag 1:11; and there are many allusions to its horrors in Scripture, De 28:23; Ps 32:4; 102:4.

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From the middle of May to about the middle of August the land of Palestine is dry. It is then the "drought of summer" (Ge 31:40; Ps 32:4), and the land suffers (De 28:1; Ps 102:4), vegetation being preserved only by the dews (Hag 1:11). (See Dew.)

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