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(Gr. aule, Lu 22:55; R.V., "court"), the open court or quadrangle belonging to the high priest's house. In Mt 26:69; Mr 14:66 this word is incorrectly rendered "palace" in the Authorized Version, but correctly "court" in the Revised Version. In Joh 10:1,16 it means a "sheep-fold." In Mt 27:27; Mr 15:16 (A.V., "common hall;" R.V., "palace") it refers to the proetorium or residence of the Roman governor at Jerusalem. The "porch" in Mt 26:71 is the entrance-hall or passage leading into the central court, which is open to the sky.

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Hebrew: aulee, the "court" or "uncovered space", on a lower level than the lowest floor, in the midst of a house, as the high priest's (Lu 22:55). The "porch" (proaulion) was the vestibule leading to it (Mr 14:68). Also called puloon, the "gate" or "porch" (Mt 26:71).

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used of the court of the high priest's house.

Lu 22:55


Mt 27:27

and Mark 15:16 "hall" is synonymous with "praetorium," which in

Joh 18:28

is in Authorized Version "judgment hall."

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