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The wife of Elkanah, and mother of Samuel. She came year by year to the sanctuary at Shiloh praying that she might become a mother; on one occasion she made a vow that if God would hear her prayer and grant her a 'man child,' she would dedicate him 'to the Lord all the days of his life.' Eli, the high priest, mistakes the silent movement of her lips as she prays, and accuses her of drunkenness; but when he finds out the mistake he has made, he gives her his blessing, and prays that her petition may be granted. Hannah returns home in peace, and in faith. In due time she gives birth to Samuel; when she has weaned him she brings him to Shiloh and dedicates him to God. It is on this occasion that the 'song' contained in 1Sa 2:1-10 is put into her mouth. Afterwards she comes to visit him once a year, bringing him each time a 'little robe.' Hannah bore her husband three sons and two daughters after the birth of Samuel (see Elkanah, Samuel).

W. O. E. Oesterley.

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