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An Arab sheik and priest of the Sinaitic Peninsula, the father-in-law of Moses; referred to by this name in Ex 3:1; 4:18; 18:1-2 ff. (Elohist), as Reuel in the present text of Ex 2:18 (Jahwist), and as Hobab in Nu 10:29 (also Jahwist). He welcomed Moses and received him into his family (Ex 2:21), and many years later visited him at Sinai (Ex 18:1 ff.), heard with wonder and delight of the doings of Jahweh on behalf of Israel (Ex 18:9 ff.), and gave advice about administration (Ex 18:17-26). Later still he probably acted as guide to the Israelites (Nu 10:29 ff.; cf. the AV of Jg 1:16; 4:11). As to the two or three names, it may be noted that Arabic inscriptions (Min

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