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(1.) The patriarch Judah, son of Jacob (Lu 3:33; Heb 7:14). In Lu 1:39; Heb 7:14; Re 5:5; 7:5, the word refers to the tribe of Judah.

(2.) The father of Simeon in Christ's maternal ancestry (Lu 3:30).

(3.) Son of Joanna, and father of Joseph in Christ's maternal ancestry (26), probably identical with Abiud (Mt 1:13), and with Obadiah (1Ch 3:21).

(4.) One of the Lord's "brethren" (Mr 6:3).

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1. Lu 3:30.

2. Son of Joanna or Hananiah (Lu 3:26) = Abiud (Ab being prefixed), Mt 1:13. Their times agree, omitting Rhesa of Luke, and allowing for Matthew's omission of generations, = Hodaiah (1Ch 3:24).

3. One of Christ's "brethren" or cousins; brother of James; of the twelve; author of the EPISTLE (See JUDE.) (Mr 6:3; Mt 13:55; Lu 6:16; Ac 1:13).

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1. One of the brethren of the Lord, Mr 6:3: called JUDAS in Mt 13:55.

2, 3. Son of Joanna, and son of Joseph, in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. Lu 3:26,30.

4. The usual form in the N.T. for JUDAH, q.v.

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1. Son of Joseph, in the genealogy of Christ.

Lu 3:30

2. Son of Joanna, or Hananiah. [HANANIAH, 8]

See Hananiah

Lu 3:26

He seems to be certainly the same person as ABIUD in

See Abiud

Mt 1:13

3. One of the Lord's brethren, enumerated in

Mr 6:3

4. The patriarch Judah. Sus. 56;

Lu 3:33; Heb 7:14; Re 5:5; 7:5

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