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The eldest daughter of king Saul, was promised to David in marriage, in reward for his victory over Goliath; but was given to Adriel, son of Barzillai the Meholathite, 1Sa 14:49; 18:17,19. Merab had five sons by him, who were delivered to the Gibeonites, and hanged before the Lord, 2Sa 21:8-9. The text intimates that the five men delivered to the Gibeonites were sons of Michal; but see ADRIEL.

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increase, the eldest of Saul's two daughters (1Sa 14:49). She was betrothed to David after his victory over Goliath, but does not seem to have entered heartily into this arrangement (1Sa 18:2,17,19). She was at length, however, married to Adriel of Abel-Meholah, a town in the Jordan valley, about 10 miles south of Bethshean, with whom the house of Saul maintained alliance. She had five sons, who were all put to death by the Gibeonites on the hill of Gibeah (2Sa 21:8).

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Saul's oldest daughter (1Sa 14:49). According to promise to the conqueror of Goliath, Saul betrothed Merab to David (1Sa 17:25; 18:17), but with the secret design of inciting him thereby to expose himself to be slain by the Philistines. At the time when Merab should have been given to him Saul gave her to Adriel the Meholathite. Her five sons subsequently were crucified to Jehovah by the Gibeonites among the seven, for Saul's bloodthirsty zeal against them (2Sa 21:9). See Ex 34:7; how Saul's sin recoiled on himself and his! "Michal" is a copyist's error for Merab (2Sa 21:8); reading "Michal" we must understand "brought up," not gave birth to (compare Ru 4:16-17). (See MICHAL.)

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The elder daughter of Saul, promised to the slayer of Goliath (1Sa 17:25), and then to David personally as a reward for prowess against the Philistines (1Sa 18:17), but given as wife to Adriel the Meholathite. In 2Sa 21:8 Michal, whose sons are said to have been given over to satisfy the Gibeonites, is probably a scribal error for Merab.

W. F. Boyd.

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Eldest daughter of Saul: she was promised to David, but was given to Adriel the Meholathite. 1Sa 14:49; 18:17,19. See ADRIEL.

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(increase), eldest daughter of King Saul.

1Sa 14:49

In accordance with the promise which he made before the engagement with Goliath, ch.

1Sa 17:25

Saul betrothed Merab to David. ch.

1Sa 18:17

Before the marriage Merab's younger sister Michal had displayed her attachment for David, and Merab was then married to Adriel the Meholathite to whom she bore five sons.

2Sa 21:8

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