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(Heb mitsnepheth), something rolled round the head; the turban or head-dress of the high priest (Ex 28:4,37,39; 29:6, etc.). In the Authorized Version of Eze 21:26, this Hebrew word is rendered "diadem," but in the Revised Version, "mitre." It was a twisted band of fine linen, 8 yards in length, coiled into the form of a cap, and worn on official occasions (Le 8:9; 16:4; Zec 3:5). On the front of it was a golden plate with the inscription, "Holiness to the Lord." The mitsnepheth differed from the mitre or head-dress (migba'ah) of the common priest. (See Bonnet.)

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With the exception of Zec 3:6 where it represents the Heb. ts

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The head-dress of the high priest. It was made of fine linen: to it was fastened by a lace of blue "the plate of the holy crown of pure gold," on which was engraved "Holiness to the Lord." This plate came across the forehead. The mitre was emblematical of the upholding of purity, righteousness and holiness by the Lord Jesus as the Minister of the sanctuary, or holy place. Ex 28:4,37,39; 29:6; 39:28,31; Le 8:9; 16:4.

The word is mitsnepheth, and (translated 'diadem') occurs again in a remarkable reference to the "profane wicked prince of Israel," which, though referring to the then king, Zedekiah, seems to point to the future Antichrist in conjunction with the Roman beast, for he is represented as wearing the mitre and the crown, which shall be removed. God will overturn, overturn, "until he come whose right it is: and I will give it him." Eze 21:25-27. With this agrees Isa 28:5: "In that day shall the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory, and for a 'mitre ' of beauty, unto the residue of his people." In Zec 3:1-8, where Joshua the high priest, as a representative of the people, is delivered from the resistance of Satan, and is cleansed, a fair mitre (tsaniph, a kindred word to the above) is set upon his head, and he is clothed with garments. The Lord Jesus as the BRANCH comes forth, and blessing follows.

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(something rolled around the head), the turban or headdress of the high priest, made of fine linen cloth, eight yards long, folded around the head. On the front was a gold plate on which was inscribed Holiness to the Lord.

Ex 28:4,37,39; 39:28,30; Le 8:9

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