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A prophet of the Lord, who, being at Samaria when the Israelites under king Pekah returned from the war against Judah and brought 200,000 captives, went to meet them, and remonstrated with them; so that the principal men in Samaria took care of the prisoners, gave them clothes, food, and other assistance, and carried the feeble on asses. Thus they conducted them to Jericho, 2Ch 28:9, etc.

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restoring, or setting up. (1.) Father of the prophet Azariah (2Ch 15:1,8).

(2.) A prophet in the time of Ahaz and Pekah (2Ch 28:9-15).

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1. Father of Azariah the prophet under Asa (2Ch 15:1); in 2Ch 15:8 "of Oded the prophet" must be an interpolation, for "the prophecy" in the Hebrew is absolute, not in the construct state as it would necessarily be if the words were genuine; besides not Oded but Azariah was "the prophet," the Alexandrinus manuscript and Vulgate read in 2Ch 15:8 "Azariah son of Oded."

2. A prophet of Samaria under Pekah. When the Israelites led away 200,000 Jews captive to Samaria, "Oded went out before the host and said, Because Jehovah was angry with Judah, He hath delivered them into your hands, and ye have slain them in a rage that reacheth up into heaven (calling for divine vengeance on yourselves); and now ye purpose to keep the children of Judah bondmen ... but are there not with you, even with you, sins against Jehovah? (compare Mt 7:1-5; Jas 2:13). Now ... deliver the captives again," etc. It was a bold venture so to reprove to the face men flushed with triumph. But God often blesses an effort more than one durst expect. Certain chiefs of Ephraim, touched by his appeal, said, "ye shall not bring in the captives here," etc. Then they took and clothed the naked, and shod them, and gave them to eat and drink, and anointed them (oil is refreshing and herding in the sultry East), and carried all the feeble upon donkeys(compare Lu 10:34) and brought them to Jericho (Ro 12:20).

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1. The father of the prophet Azariah (2Ch 15:1). In 2Ch 15:8 'Oded' of Massoretic Text is a mistake (through wrong marginal gloss or otherwise) for 'Azariah.' 2. A prophet who successfully protested against the proposal to enslave Judahites (2Ch 28:9 ff.).

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1. A prophet and father of the prophet Azariah. 2Ch 15:1,8.

2. Prophet in Samaria who protested against the captives from Judah being brought into the city. 2Ch 28:9.

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1. The father of Azariah the prophet, in the reign of Asa.

2Ch 15:1

(B.C. before 953.)

2. A prophet of Jehovah in Samaria, at the time of Pekah's invasion of Judah.

2Ch 28:9

(B.C. 739.)

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