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Pigeons are mentioned as among the offerings which, by divine appointment, Abram presented unto the Lord (Ge 15:9). They were afterwards enumerated among the sin-offerings (Le 1:14; 12:6), and the law provided that those who could not offer a lamb might offer two young pigeons (Le 5:7; comp. Lu 2:24). (See Dove.)

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The well-known bird, often associated with the turtle dove, as being used by the poor in various sacrifices. A pair of these birds were offered when the Lord was presented in the temple. Lu 2:24. Pigeons were so numerous in Palestine that the poor were enabled easily to obtain a pair for any needed sacrifice. Ge 15:9; Le 1:14; 5:7,11; 12:6,8; 14:22,30; 15:14,29; Nu 6:10.

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