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uwlam. 1Ch 28:11, of Solomon's temple, a "vestibule open in front and on the sides". The porch (puloon or proaulion), Mt 26:71, is the passage beneath the housefront from the street to the aule or court inside, open to the sky. This passage or porch was closed next the street by a large folding gate with a small wicket for single persons, kept by a porter (Joh 18:16-17). The "porches" (Joh 5:2) were arches or porticoes opening upon and surrounding the reservoir Solomon's porch (Joh 10:23) was on the E. side of the temple (Josephus, Ant. 20:9, section 7).

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This word is a doublet of 'portico' (from Lat. porticus), both originally denoting a covered entrance to a building. When the front of this entrance is supported on pillars, the porch becomes a portico. particus, like the Gr. stoa, was extended to signify a roofed colonnade running round a public building such as a temple, or enclosing an open space, like the cloisters of a medi

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1. Ulam, or ulam.

1Ch 28:11

2. Misderon ulam,

Jg 3:23

strictly a vestibule, was probably a sort of veranda chamber in the works of Solomon, open in front and at the sides, but capable of being enclosed with awnings or curtains. The porch,

Mt 26:71

may have been the passage from the street into the first court of the house, in which, in eastern houses, is the mastabah or stone bench, for the porter or persons waiting, and where also the master of the house often receives visitors and transacts business.

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