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the wife of Aquila (Ac 18:2), who is never mentioned without her. Her name sometimes takes the precedence of his (Ro 16:3; 2Ti 4:19). She took part with Aquila (q.v.) in insturcting Apollos (Ac 18:26).

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Diminutive of Prisca. (See AQUILA.) A sample of what married women can do for the Lord's cause, as Phoebe is of what unmarried women can do. Timothy at Ephesus would find her counsel invaluable in dealing with the female part of his flock, his position as a young man needing delicacy and discretion in relation to them (2Ti 4:19; Ro 16:3; 1Co 16:19; Ac 18:2,26).

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PRISCILLA, a Christian woman, well known in the Acts, and in St. Paul's epistles; sometimes placed before her husband Aquila. From Ephesus this pious pair went to Rome, where they were when St. Paul wrote his epistle to the Romans, A.D. 58. He salutes them the first of all, with great commendations, Ro 16:3. They returned into Asia sometime afterward; and St. Paul, writing to Timothy, desires him to salute them on his behalf, 2Ti 4:19, A.D. 65.

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