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The most efficient member of the body, Mt 5:30, and the ready executor of the behests of the will. Hence its use as a symbol of many of the strongest emotions of the inner man. The right-hand is significant of power, especially the almighty power of God, Ex 15:6; Ps 21:8; 77:10; of honor, Ps 45:9; Mt 25:34; Ac 7:55; of special benediction, Ge 48:14; of fraternal love, Ga 2:9; of hostility, Ps 109:6; Zec 3:1; and of allegiance, 1Ch 29:24. It was raised in the act of prayer, and also in taking an oath, Ge 14:22; hence the right-hand of a perjured man was "a right-hand of falsehood," Ps 144:8. In regard to the points of the compass, the right-hand in Hebrew denotes the south, 1Sa 23:19; 24; as the left-hand means the north, Ge 14:15. See EAST.

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