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Reference: Shemaiah


1. The prophet who with Ahijah encouraged the revolution of the ten tribes from Jeroboam. In Massoretic Text he appears after the revolution has begun (1Ki 12:22-24; 2Ch 11:2-4). In the second Septuagint account, however, he appears at the beginning, at the assembly in Shechem (1Ki 12:24). He is mentioned further in 2Ch 12:5-8, and his history in 2Ch 12:16. 2. Son of Shecaniah, descendant of Zerubbabel (1Ch 3:22). 3. Son of Shecaniah, 'keeper of the east gate,' and assistant to Nehemiah in repairing the wall (Ne 3:29). 4. A Simeonite (1Ch 4:37), perhaps Shimei of 1Ch 4:26; 27:5. A Reubenite (1Ch 5:4), apparently called Shema in 1Ch 5:8. 6. A Merarite Levite dwelling in Jerusalem (1Ch 9:14; Ne 11:15). 7. A Levite of the family of Jeduthun (1Ch 9:16), called Shammua in Ne 11:17. 8. Head of the levitical Kohathite clan of Elizaphan in the time of David (1Ch 15:8,11). 9. The scribe who registered the names of the priestly courses in the time of David, son of Nethanel (1Ch 24:6). 10. A Korahite Levite, oldest son of Obed-edom (1Ch 26:4,6-7). 11. A Levite, teacher of the Law in Judah under Jehoshaphat (2Ch 17:8). 12. A Levite of the family of Jeduthun, engaged in purifying the Temple under Hezekiah (2Ch 29:14). 13. A Levite 'over the freewill offerings of God' (2Ch 31:16). 14. A chief of the Levites (2Ch 35:9), called Samaias in Septuagint and in 1Es 1:9. 15. A chief man under Ezra (Ezr 8:16), called Maasmas and Samaias in 1 Es 8:43; 46. 16. One of the family of Adonikam (Ezr 8:18), in 1Es 8:39 Samaias. 17. A priest of the family of Harim who married a foreign wife (Ezr 10:21), in 1Es 9:21 Samameus. 18. A layman of the family of Harim who did the same (Ezr 10:31), in 1Es 9:32 Samabbeus. 19. A prophet, son of Delaiah, hired by Sanballat and Tobiah to terrify Nehemiah (Ne 6:10-14). 20. One of the 24 courses of priests (Ne 10:8; 12:6,18). 21. A man present at the dedication of the wall (Ne 12:34). 22. A priest, descendant of Asaph (Ne 12:35). 23. A singer (or clan) having part in the dedication of the wall (Ne 12:36). 24. Another, or perhaps the same (Ne 12:42). 25. Father of Uriah the prophet (Jer 26:20). 26. A prophet, called 'the Nehelamite,' carried into captivity at Babylon with Jehoiachin, actively engaged in opposing Jeremiah (Jer 29:24-32). Jeremiah predicted the complete cutting off of his family. 27. Father of Delaiah, who was a prince in the reign of Zedekiah (Jer 36:12). 28. 'The great,' kinsman of Tobias (Tob 5:13). In several cases two of these may be the same individual. The identification has the most probability in reference to 2 and 3, 8 and 9, and 12 and 13.

George R. Berry.

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