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Used in brick-making (Ex 5:7-18). Used figuratively in Job 41:27; Isa 11:7; 25:10; 65:25.

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teben. The Egyptians reaped grain close to the ear, afterward they cut the straw close to the ground and laid the straw by Pharaoh refused this straw to Israel, who therefore had to gather the short stubble left; translated Ex 5:12, "gather (qash) stubble for the straw," i.e. to be prepared as straw chopped small; so the old versions and Targum Onkelos.

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This is spoken of as being eaten by the cattle, and it is foretold that it will be the food even of the lion in a future day. This agrees with the practice in the East where the straw is cut up or crushed, and used as food for cattle. 1Ki 4:28; Isa 11:7. It was used in Egypt for mixing with the clay in making bricks: in some of the ancient Egyptian bricks the straw can be seen.

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Both wheat and barley straw were used by the ancient Hebrews chiefly as fodder for the horses cattle and camels.

Ge 24:25; 1Ki 4:28; Isa 11:7; 66:24

There is no intimation that straw was used for litter. It was employed by the Egyptians for making bricks,

Ex 5:7,16

being chopped up and mixed with the clay to make them more compact and to prevent their cracking. [See BRICK] The ancient Egyptians reaped their corn close to the ear, and afterward cut the straw close to the ground and laid it by. This was the straw that Pharaoh refused to give to the Israelites who were therefore compelled to gather "stubble" instead --a matter of considerable difficulty, seeing that the straw itself had been cut off near to the ground.

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