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The whole revelation of God, testifying to man what he is to believe, do, and hope, Ps 19:7; 119:88,99; 1Co 1:6; Re 1:2. The two stone tables of the law were a visible "testimony" or witness of God's covenant with his people; and hence the ark of the covenant was called sometimes the testimony, or the ark of the testimony, Ex 25:22; 34:29. See ARK.

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(1.) Witness or evidence (2Th 1:10).

(2.) The Scriptures, as the revelation of God's will (2Ki 11:12; Ps 19:7; 119:88; Isa 8:16,20).

(3.) The altar raised by the Gadites and Reubenites (Jos 22:10).

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TESTIMONY, a witnessing, evidence, or proof, Ac 14:3. The whole Scripture, or word of God, which declares what is to be believed, practised, and expected by us, is called God's "testimony," and sometimes in the plural "testimonies," Ps 19:7. The two tables of stone on which the law or ten commandments were written, which were witnesses of that covenant made between God and his people, and testified what it was that God had required of them, have the same title, Ex 25:16,21; 31:18.

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