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11 Bible Verses about Access To God, In Old Testament

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Exodus 29:44-45

And I will consecrate the tent of assembly and the altar, and Aaron and his sons I will consecrate to serve as priests for me. And I will dwell in the midst of the {Israelites}, and I will be their God.

Exodus 29:29-30

"And the holy garments that [are] for Aaron will be for his sons after him in which to anoint them and {to ordain them}. Seven days the priest who replaces him from among his sons will wear them, who comes to the tent of assembly to serve in the sanctuary.

Exodus 33:7-11

And Moses took the tent and pitched it outside the camp far from the camp, and he called it the tent of assembly, {and} all seeking Yahweh would go out to the tent of assembly, which [was] outside the camp. {And} at the going out of Moses to the tent, all the people would rise and stand, each at the opening of his tent, and gaze after Moses until his entering the tent. {And} at the entering of Moses [into] the tent the column of cloud would descend and stand [at] the opening of the tent, and he would speak with more.
And all the people would see the column of cloud standing [at] the opening of the tent, and all the people would rise and bow in worship, each [at] the opening of his tent. And Yahweh would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his neighbor. And he would return to the camp, and his assistant Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, did not leave the middle of the tent.

Exodus 40:1-2

And Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, "On the first day of the month, you will set up the tabernacle of the tent of assembly.

Numbers 1:51

And when the tabernacle is set out, the Levites will {take it down}, and when encamping the tabernacle the Levites will set it up; the stranger that approaches [it] will be put to death.

Numbers 3:10

But you will count Aaron and his descendants; they will keep their priesthood, and the stranger who approaches will be put to death."

Numbers 18:7

But you with your sons will keep your priesthood to perform your priestly duties for everything at the altar and for {the area behind the curtain}. I give you the priesthood as a gift, but the stranger who approaches will be put to death."

2 Chronicles 1:3

And Solomon and the whole assembly with him went to the high place that [was] at Gibeon, for the tent of assembly of God that Moses the servant of Yahweh had made in the desert was there.

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